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The Digital Strategists

With a minimum of 10 years experience working on digital solutions, each of our senior strategists brings a toolkit of knowledge in all the traditional business functions in addition to an in depth knowledge of what is possible in the digital world.  This combination means you can plan the most effective web and mobile projects with the utmost confidence.

The Project Managers

An experienced project manager will steer your project through our proven methodology and ensure a timely and quality outcome.  Key tasks include: Resource management, Project scheduling, Communication, on-time, high quality and on-budget delivery.

The Designers

Our Design team has proved to be among the most successful in the business. Creative flair is required to convey a professional online presence and intuitive user interface. Clever design is used to illuminate key information, while associated creative services such as games, banners and animation can add significant value to the final solution.

The Developers

Technical architects, analyst programmers and programmers design and develop custom or modular applications to suit your requirements. Their roles include: functional and technical design; database design and integration; programming; application security; database to PDF integration; legacy system integration.

The Testers

The Quality Assurance team ensures that documented project requirements have been delivered successfully. They manage the various system QA testing procedures and approve the promotion of various system components from the development environment through to the staging and live environments.

The Operations Team

Including specialists in finance, administration, property and asset management, human resources and compliance, our Ops team ensures that our staff, clients and partners have the support necessary to excel in their role.