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BAC LED Screens

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) identified an opportunity to significantly enhance the traveller experience and improve ambiance in the International terminal through the installation of large LED screens. The screens are located in the International terminal visible by departing travellers on level 3 and their friends and family on level 4. 

Speedwell was engaged to build a dynamic interactive system that would allow BAC to execute a content strategy to display on the LED Screens. Speedwell built a custom back end management system (BDS) that supported two different types of content campaigns, and allows expansion for future campaigns using the same system.

The first campaign displays planes flying across the large screen in a typical radar fashion associated with air traffic control. On screen is the prompt to SMS a message. The phone number is connected to the Optus RedCoal SMS/MMS platform which pushes the message into BDS where it can then be moderated before being shown on the LED screen.

Ask the Audience is the second custom built BDS campaign. The current campaign “Around the World in 80 Questions” displays a world map, zooming into specific countries and asking a question on screen with 4 potential answers. Travellers are prompted to submit an answer via SMS within a timeout period in order to receive a discount via SMS from a BAC retailer.

Andrew Brodie, General Manager Terminal Retail and Commercial said the new digital screens not only looked impressive, but the SMS interactivity offered has been positively received.