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Speedwell has worked with Canon through our partners at Hill & Knowlton since 2009. In 2010 Speedwell was engaged in developing a site to launch ‘The 6th Brief’ a new initiative for Canon which aimed to attract an audience beyond the core photographic community. This campaign is an extension of the highly regarded ‘Photo 5’ competition Canon delivers each year to the photographic community.

Speedwell utilized their expertise of web development to create a website that was user friendly and promoted the key aspect of the campaign; to engage an audience beyond the core photographic community. ‘The 6th Brief’ asked entrants to submit photos featuring the chosen stimulus, similar to the brief of the Photo5 competition, drawing large scale interest from the photographic community as well as recreational photographers.

‘The 6th Brief’ exceeded the client’s expectations with over 700 entries from recreational photographers as well as non-Canon users. The 6th Brief was also able to engage a market outside the core Canon Photo 5 user group, therefore growing the overall market appeal of the competition and increasing Canon’s market penetration.