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Homefresh Organics Online Ordering

Homefresh Organics are part of a new wave of independent suppliers bringing high quality organics and grocery items to Australian households through customised home delivery.
Speedwell developed a bespoke customer management, procurement and online grocery ordering system to allow our client to control and manage the delivery of fresh produce to more than 5000 customers per month.
HomeFresh Organics’ system is not just a shopping cart but a fully integrated system enabling complete management of the business and customer needs from end to end. Key achievements of the system include the following:

  • Increased operational efficiency and capacity reducing the operational elements of the business by 75% per day.
  • Increasing new and one off customers at a rate of 70 per week.

As customer counts continue to grow from week to week, HomeFresh Organics are well on their way to reaching their goal of becoming South-East Queensland’s leading online speciality grocery store.