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RSPCA Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Early each year the important work performed by RSPCA is confronted with the challenge of a swell in numbers of animals in their adoption centres as a result of unwanted pets following the Christmas period. Coming into 2015 the adoption centre of the RSPCA Queensland were at capacity and an idea was conceived to leverage a new years resolution style campaign to challenge long standing brand advocates to use their own networks and social challenge to partner (buddy up) with an animal needing a home and attempt to find someone who would adopt them.

Speedwell worked through the Christmas period on this important initiative and developed a solution that allowed users to register and become a buddy for an animal in need of a new home. The system gave users (buddies) access to material to assist in their search for a new home for the animal and tracked their actions allocating points and gamifying the steps known to help get an animal adopted.

The system reach more than 750 buddies in the first 10 days and assisted in finding homes for more than 150 animals before the campaign had reached its 3rd week. Integrating the campaign and calls to action with social channels proved to be the key element of success for the site and campaign with more than 78% of the site traffic being driven through Social sites including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The site and campaign is now being considered as an annual part of the RSPCA’s work and the option of rolling it out nationally.